Thursday, 21 March 2013

SOL: 21.3.13

Writing a slice of my life...I stole this idea from another slicer

Listening: Nightline, in the city of Christchurch they are running low on diesel and some petrol stations have run out of diesel

Eating: Nothing, I might have a Milo and a mini mars-bar before I go to bed

Drinking: Milo

Wearing: My grey track suit pants, yellow t-shirt, black cardigan and long woollen jacket

Feeling: Flipping tired and a little overwhelmed

Weather: Early autumn, 7 degrees Celsius

Wanting: Easter holiday (29th March, 1st April and the 2nd of April)

Needing: Where do I start…to complete running records, maths assessments, target groups completed and handed in, portfolios completed, interim reports

Thinking: It’s Friday tomorrow and I can watch the rugby

Enjoying: My students are reading books from their browsing boxes and making our wormy grow.  A mother of a child that I taught last year came up to me and thanked me for helping her son in his reading and writing

So, there you are. My fallback post. Feel free to steal use on your own "I don't know what to write" days! I stole this idea from another slicer.


  1. I have often gotten ideas from other bloggers. I have learned so much just from reading them. Like yours, when you said it was early fall, I realized that you must live in the southern hemisphere...and checked to see...and yes...New Zealand! I have never been there, but have heard so many wonderful things about your country. Then, I reread your post and read Christchurch...and realized I had missed that the first time or I would have known you were in New Zealand. I enjoyed your post and look forward to your others. Jackie

    1. Thank you for visiting and yes I'm in New Zealand. I enjoy reading your posts as well.

  2. It is me again...I have read your post a number of times and keep forgetting to say that I like the title of Turtle Time and wonder how you came up with that name.


    Here is a brief explanation of my blog name. Also, I chose this background of water because I'm like the turtle swimming around this blog.