Thursday, 7 March 2013

SOL: 7.3.13

  1. Guided reading
    -Bumble bees
  2. Update at risk register photographs
  3. Wedge graph birthdays entered
  4. Pack my bags for the weekend trip
  5. Call the maid and give her a list of jobs to do (me)
  6. Prepare maths
    -Statistic: Tuesday
    -Add/Sub - Focus on subtraction
  7. Print the name tags for hooks
  8. Mark the homework
  9. Prepare the homework for next
  10. Prepare my lunches for next week (Sunday)
  11. Organise my equipment for tabloid sports
  12. Renew my licence
  13. Gas up my car for our trip on Thursday
  14. Do my homework for my course
  15. Think about comfy clothes for the course
  16. Extra work for Amy (timestables)
  17. Find a kiwiana unit
  18. Swimming next wee at 11.00-11.30
  19. Class to get ready at school: Interval at 10.00 am
  20. Walk to the pools at 10.40
  21. We should be back by 12.00ish (our reading time)


  1. I absolutely LOVE your list. It has highlights of the the range and breadth of what you do each very much....but what is a kiwiana unit? I will have to google that right now!

  2. You have much to do! How do you keep up with all of this?