Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SOL: 13.3.13

·         Alarm goes off and I push snooze button for another 10 minutes
·         Pushing snooze again
·         Crawl out of bed
·         Dressing gown on
·         Slip on my jandals
·         Put the jug on
·         Favourite mug on the bench
·         Raspberry/Green tea bag into my mug
·         One piece of toast into the toaster
·         Butter and jam ready
·         “Good morning dear”
·         Breakfast in hand sitting at the table
·         Watching good morning on the telly
·         Breakfast over in 10 minutes
·         Wash my dishes
·         Head to the bathroom
·         Showered
·         Choose my clothes for work
·         Make up on
·         Hair done
·         Lace my shoes
·         Put my lunch into my bag
·         Pack up my laptop
·         Thinking to myself, (have I got everything)
·         This week I’m driving to work
The last five weeks hubby had been dropping me off and I then I biked home
·         I park over by middle school
·         Unlock my classroom
·         Unlock the toilets
·         Put the rubbish bins out and the food-scrap bin (we have fruit in schools and collect the scraps in a bin for the pigs)
·         I was sick Tuesday and my class is a mess
·         I get out the jif and clean all the tables
·         I put felts away, scrap into the paper bin
·         Search room 6 for the clothes horse with my children’s togs on
·         Collect up the felts and colouring pencils and put away
·         Go and collect tissues boxes from the office
·         Chat to Karen about tabloid sports
·         Back in my class: Write my certificates for junior school assembly
·         Check my emails
·         Organise my students work for the day
·         Chat to students
·         Go to assembly
·         Take the roll

·         We have an unexpected visitor:
Great nana Morris has come to visit her great-grand-daughter.  What a wonderful surprise! She is 83 years old and still drives her car 350 kilometres one way to visit her family.  My children are smitten by this delightful lady.  She wants to tell my children about herself.  She pats me on the arm asking me if that is okay, “Of course it is,” I reply.  She tells the children about her family and how many grandchildren and great grandchildren she has.  Then she goes on to ask my children questions about their grandparents.  They eagerly put up their hands telling her about their grandparents and where they live.  My children then ask nana Morris questions.  What a wonderful surprise. We bid farewell to nana Morris and ask her if we could write her a letter about our swimming day.

·         We have 3 pieces of fruit while listening to our Jolly Phonics
·         Organise my class for swimming
·         Walk to the turtle pools
·         Instruct the class to get dress and give them the talk about what will happen if someone does do-dos in the pool.  The pool will be closed and we don’t want to be the class that closed the pool for the day.
·         Swim for half an hour
·         Students have a quick shower two-by-two
·         “Get dressed quickly” are my instructions
·         “Come on girls, hurry up!”  Same message for the boys
·         Quick head count
·         Walk back to school
·         Children put tog bags back into their bags
·         Morning tea time
·         Start writing our letter to nana Morris

·         Lunch time
·         Finish our letter to nana Morris
·         Write on each child’s hand their house group and age
·         Remind the students about twilight tabloid sports starts at 4.00
·         2.00 early finish

·         Come home for an hour: I have burger, chips and fizzy for an early dinner
·         Go back to school and set up my sports activities
·         Crazy day of 5 and 6 years competing against each other
·         Put my gear away
·         I have to stay at school until 7.00 pm
·         I fill my car with diesel
·         Home sweet Home

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