Saturday, 3 May 2014

Arrrh! I accidentally deleted all my photos.

Well, where do I start my sad story.

My daughter bought me a new smart phone for Christmas. So I was very excited about all the new features available to me on my very smart phone.

I loved to take photos using my very-very smart phone. I would take photos of myself, my family, nature around me and things that inspired me.

I then noticed that my photos were being sent to my Google Plus page and I was horrified.  I tried to change the settings on my phone on Goggle Plus so my photos were not being sent to Google Plus and God knows where??

After much searching I noticed on Google Plus a deactivate button or something. I really didn't want to click that button but I was desperate to stop my photos from my phone going to places I didn't want them to go to. So...

I clicked on the DEACTIVATE button!

Arrrh! I accidentally deleted all my photos.

Not only did I loose my photos, I lost my YouTube page and I wasn't able to download stuff from my very smart phone.

I thought about starting a new blog but I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. So I will see what I can selvage from this blog.

A journey begins.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Tuesday: SOLC - 23.4.13

Writing a slice of my life today.
In my part of the world it is school holidays.  I've taken up a few challenges to do while I'm taking a restful break from the day to day life of teaching.  I'm actually exhausted.  Hubby and I went away this weekend and celebrated our grandson's 3rd birthday.  I had the most glorious time.  Relaxing with my family brings about a time of refreshing and soaking in their presence.  I actually did a bit of retail therapy as well: I bought myself the cutest dark pink warm jacket, 2 pairs of jeans, leopard print cardigan, peplum top, one pair of black boots, black shoes, and a scarf.  Most of the items I got were on sale.  My favourite time to shop is when their are loads of sales on.  Glorious!  

I want to savour every moment of my school holidays so I've decided to take up 4 different types of challenges.  30 days of spiritual energising.  30 days of house cleaning.  30 days of photo challenges.  30 days of fitness (4 minutes a day).  The trick is I will probably double up or triple up the challenges.  One of my challenges is to write how I became a Christian so I decided to write down some random thoughts about how I became a Christian then I combined the photo challenge with the Christian challenge as well.  The photograph is a picture of a grapevine in my backyard.  The grapevine as significant meaning for me as a Christian so I thought went well with the photo challenge.  I nearly did myself in today went I did a 4 minute workout.  I have really let my fitness go and was huffing and puffing like the big bad woof.  The only thing that blew over, was me as I was bent over, with my hands on my knees, gasping for breath.  I'm not sure if I can keep up all the challenges but I have thoroughly enjoyed my day of house cleaning (blah), exercising (not), photo and Christian challenge combined.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday: SOLC - 16.4.13

Tuesday's 6 word memoir

Smash journaling artistically
Created ideas treasured

Lately, I have been inspired to give smash journalling ago.  My creative ideas consist of using whatever I have on hand.  I like the idea of smash journalling because it's an inexpensive way to create ideas that have spoken to me on any particular day.  My creative ideas are in their beginning stages and I'm taking baby steps.  I like the idea of writing down my ideas then allowing my creativeness to flow.  I was inspired by people on youtube and there are some truly inspirational artist.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday: SOLC - 9.4.13

This six word memoir is about the need to write reports but I just don’t know where to start.
Procrastination is wasting away my time!

Today our staff member lost her mother.  Her mother was an influential teacher in our community
Death brings, about times of reflection.

We gathered today in unity to support our colleague. Small communities come together in crisis.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tuesday: SOLC - 2.4.13

Writing a slice of my life...6 word memoirs 

I've been watching/reading 6 word memoirs on youtube and I was kind of inspired to have a go and play with memoirs myself.  The first one I wrote was about the loss of my native language.  The next one is about a situation that I'm coming to grips with.  Today I went to the doctors to get my prescription for my asthma and while I was there the doctor suggested I should get the flu jab.  I really hate needles and I really wanted to say, "Help, no way!"  But he convinced me when he told me that he just had his, stab in the arm, because of all the patients he treats.  I relented.  

TeReo language, lost
Sadness, regret, colonialism

Despicable, conniving, succubus
Trust God’s grace

Flu inoculation stabbed
nausea pain pathetic

Sunday, 31 March 2013

SOL: 31.3.13

Thank you Ruth and Stacey for the opportunity to write.

The challenge this time around for me has been a little harder.  I'm not sure why.  At times I found it intimidating reading how well other writers wrote.  I didn't comment as much as I did last year.  I read some wonderful daily slices.  I loved some of them so much and they inspired me to keep chugging along.  Some blogs I wanted to follow so that I could go back and visit but I didn't know how to.  I read one daily slice about the love of a grandmother.  I read about people's faith.  I read about feeling vulnerable in the classroom.  I read part 1 of a short story but I couldn't find the blog to read part 2.
Thank you to the people who came and commented on my daily slice.  You kept me going as well. I relied on poems a lot this time around.  They were easier to write because they could be shorter.  I could write down feelings vaguely without being specific.  I loved the fact that I'm a day a head of America so even when I thought I had missed a post, I was always just in time to post before the daily sliced was closed.  

I hope to write every Tuesday but I'm not sure if I can do it.  I said I would do it last year and never kept up with it.  It's funny how that even in my classroom slice my children have been a lot harder to motivate.  I've had individual students write some wonderful slices.  I wouldn't say they were daily slices about their lives.  One student wrote a wonderful legend, which she has started writing to her blog.  So I suppose that's a plus.  I had one boy tell me how much he loves writing.  We have a writing table in our class.  There is a lot more drawing going on than writing.  But I'm truly grateful for this month of writing. 

SOL: 30.3.13

Writing a slice of my life...A poem for my grandson

I nearly missed the 30th post. My daughter is working this Easter weekend and I'm on grandma duties. I find that when my normal routine is interrupted I'm all out of sorts. I have no idea what to write and I'm really struggling to get something written down.

Since I'm babysitting my grandson I thought I'd write him a little poem.

This is a poem for you my, Moki
Because you brighten my day
With your cheeky smile
You fill my heart with joy

This is a poem for you my, Pumpkin
Because your giggles make me giggle
With your chubby little cheeks
Your naughty little grin

I love the way you
Dive into your swimming pool
Blow bubbles in the air
Tell me to read you bedtime stories

I hope that you will
Always love life with such enthusiasm
Reach for the stars in everything you do 
Be the very best that you can be

This is a poem for you my, Moki