Monday, 1 April 2013

Tuesday: SOLC - 2.4.13

Writing a slice of my life...6 word memoirs 

I've been watching/reading 6 word memoirs on youtube and I was kind of inspired to have a go and play with memoirs myself.  The first one I wrote was about the loss of my native language.  The next one is about a situation that I'm coming to grips with.  Today I went to the doctors to get my prescription for my asthma and while I was there the doctor suggested I should get the flu jab.  I really hate needles and I really wanted to say, "Help, no way!"  But he convinced me when he told me that he just had his, stab in the arm, because of all the patients he treats.  I relented.  

TeReo language, lost
Sadness, regret, colonialism

Despicable, conniving, succubus
Trust God’s grace

Flu inoculation stabbed
nausea pain pathetic


  1. It is fun to try to capture a moment with a six-word memoir. Love them.

  2. So few words can convey a deeper message. I love the font change. Seems appropriate.