Friday, 30 March 2012

SOL: 31.3.12

Musings about writing

I made it!  Wow!  I just can't believe that everyday for the last 31 days I have written a slice of my life.  The time has flown and it only seems like yesterday when I thought, "Writing for 31 days that's impossible for me."  Throughout this journey I've used the 31 slices above to give me inspiration to write.  This prompter above gave me focus and to some seasoned writers it would be quite constricting but for an amateur like me it's just what the doctor ordered.  Now, I understand how my reluctant writers in class feel because just like I was given a stepping stone into writing most of my students need a stepping stone.  

In my classroom my students have been writing everyday at school along side of me and it has been great.  I had no strict and hard rules for myself and my students in class because I just wanted my students to write.  We have been swimming all week and when we were back in class I would keep them to draw a picture about what they learnt at swimming today.  I used these sentence starters: Swimming today was fun because I learnt and Dear swimming instructors thank you for teaching me how to.  I nearly forgot to say that before they started writing I always sat down with the whole class and we would write a word list of all their ideas.  Just like I needed a push to motivate myself to write I gave my students the same help.  We would talk about my slices and I read and showed my class some of my slices (our Internet is so slow at school).  I could see the progress of my students from day one right through to our last day of writing at school.  Yesterday, during reading I sent one reading group off to draw a picture about the beach.  They then had to write a story about their beach picture.  AND, each of the three children wrote amazing stories they used conjunctions and interesting vocabulary.  They did this without a word list or bank of words.  I was so proud of them.  I sat with them and wrote comments about their writing and gave them feedback just like I received here.  They gave each other feedback and I just could not stop smiling.  Writer's love and need feedback.

On my journey I have not only taken my students along for the ride but I've also taken my hubby.  I've shared my poems and stories and we have laughed and joked along the way.  Does it matter that I'm terrible with editing and grammar?  I would have to say, "Yeah - Nah!" (Kiwi slang for yes it matters but not really in this case).  Not really in this case because I came here has a turtle with my head inside its shell and I had to stick my head out and give this challenge a go.  I had a list as long as my arm why I shouldn't - couldn't - wouldn't participate.  But to use a phrase from a female bible hero, "If I die I die!"  Well, I did and I'm still alive to write about my journey.   You know the biggest thing I learnt is that there is a story in every area of our lives you just have to be looking and listening.  Capturing those special moments in your life for me has been magical.  I have written snippets of my life that I will treasure forever and I would never had caught those moments if I wasn't for this challenge.  Some days I feel a little sheepish about my babblings but I just had to let go of my inhibitions.  I've grown so much as a teacher...just like I've seen growth in my student writers I can see the growth in myself as a writer. It's time to celebrate.

Hubby and I are travelling again today to see our adult children and our grandson.  I have my list ready to buy gifts for my Slice of Life party for my students.  I wonder what photos I'll take today during my weekend away.  Next week is our last week at school and then we are on holiday but Thursday of next week imagine me here in New Zealand celebrating and gifting with my class.

As I travel and burble today with hubby I'll celebrate by filling my basket with gifts for my student and I'll stop by a coffee shop and buy myself a celebratory cup of coffee and something sweet and delicious.  Thank you to the community of writers here for the encouragement and feedback.  Thank you to Ruth and Stacey.  I've had a blast.

What next?  (giggling to myself)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SOL: 29.3.12

  • Hubby traditionally cooks a roast dinner every  Sunday
  • Traditionally I write scriptures for each of my family members who attend Christmas dinner at our house
  • We traditionally forget our wedding anniversary every year
  • Traditionally every Christmas I make trifle and eat 75% of it (that’s a lot of trifle)
  • I traditionally get mixed up with my mum and brother’s birthday
  • Traditionally each year I attend our cultural festival
  • Traditionally hubby cooks dinner Monday-Thursday (I give him Friday off and we may have takeaways)
  • I traditionally buy and wrap all the birthday and Christmas gifts
  • I traditionally cook and prepare Christmas dinner
  • I traditionally do all the Christmas dishes
  • Traditionally I spend too much money at Christmas time and never tell him how much I spend and traditionally he never asks
  • Traditionally I buy hubby a new t-shirt and a pair of shorts for Christmas
  • Every April hubby traditionally takes a week to go hunting - it’s the roar
  • It is my tradition to take a handful of tissues to bed with me every night
  • At end of the school year I traditionally travel out of town to attend my two niece’s birthday
  • Each year I post my school reports in the last 2 days of school
  • It is my tradition that I wait until I have 1 day worth of seretide left before I go to the doctors for a new prescription
  • Traditionally I go to bed late and find it difficult to get up in the morning (dah)
  • Traditionally hubby and I attended our son’s basketball tournaments each year
  • Traditionally we eat fish on Friday nights

While writing this list I remembered a tradition that I learnt from my dad.  Whenever we travelled with him when we were kids my father always picked up hitch-hikers.  I don't know why...he just did.  I suppose looking back I never felt afraid and they would have been silly to try and take on my dad.  The faces of the hitchers have disappeared from my memory and I hadn't really thought about them until now, faceless hitch-hikers.  Traditions are handed down and I without thinking I picked up hitch-hikers when II travelled.

Whenever I am driving I tended to pick up female hitch-hikers.  Twice I've stopped and the hitch-hikers had long hair and I thought that they were female.  But it wasn't until I pulled up beside them that I realised that they were actually males.  I still gave them a ride.
Late last year I was travelling to see my two children who live 2 hours away from us.  Halfway through the trip I noticed a young boy of about 15 years old sitting on the side of the rode.  He was clutching his stomach.  To be honest I really didn't want to stop but as I slowly drove past him he looked utterly dejected.  Hesitantly, pulling to the side of the rode and backing back towards him.  It was a bitterly cold day and he had a thin t-shirt on, blue jeans and black boots.  I opened the passenger side of the door and asked him if he needed a ride.  Stupid question I know's what you do when picking up hitch-hikers.

He got into my car and started to tell me how his father had beat him that morning and he had had enough.  He decided to run away from home and was heading to see his mother.  He told me his father beat him most days.  At this stage I was still quite wary of him but he showed me his stomach where his father had whacked him.  The funniest thing about this story is that the boy was a student at the school which I taught at.  But I had never seen him.  Our school is divided into three areas and he was a senior and I taught juniors.    But like I said I had never laid eyes on him until that moment. 

I took him to my children's home and feed him.  My son gave him a pair of shoes because the ones he was wearing were too small.  We bought him a bus ticket and sent him on his way.  I even told him about Jesus.

The sadness part of this boy's life was that he came back to our hometown and committed the most heinous crime.  I won't go into the details but my whole country of 4 million hate this boy.  My daughter rang me and told me what this boy had done I was shocked and appalled.  My heart was breaking for the family affected by the hitch-hikers actions (action is not a strong enough word for what he did).  But the long and short of this is that a tradition which I learnt from my father put me off ever picking up another hitch-hiker.  This hitch-hikers faced is embedded in my mind.  

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

SOL: 28.3.12


I used to dread shopping when the budget was tight
But now I rather enjoy hitting the malls at night

I always wanted plenty of money to spend
But now it's just a case of when

I once sat at my sewing machine and made my clothes
But now I sit at my computer and suppose

If I could try on purchases
I would surely look quite gorgeous

I never really like to window shop
But I might well consider that this is just a flop

I can't see the point in that
But I can instead Skype and chat

I won't shop online anymore
But I might do better at dancing on the floor

I used to visit the opportunity shops
But now I live in a town where thrifting is not an op

Quick slice for me on this day as I have parent interviews

SOL: 27.3.12


I am soft and cosy
I wonder what I will dream tonight
I hear mooing as cows jump over the moon
I see sheep jumping one by one
I want to get in bed with my mummy
I am soft and cosy

I pretend that I am zooming to see my nana and koko
I feel love engulf me as they snuggle me close
I touch the silver clouds of dreams
I worry for nothing because I am loved
I cry because I want to get in my mummy's bed
I am soft and cosy

I understand that I must sleep
I say, "mama, mama, mama"
I dream of screeching up to McDonald's golden arches
I try a six pack of nuggets
I hope that one day I can get a sundae without regret
I am soft and cosy

Our grandson's new bed arrived today all the way from America.  We live in New Zealand.
Our daughter is just at this moment putting him to bed in his new car bed.  Putting him to bed is never an easy thing to do but today he's graduated from a cot to a car.  We were able to Skype him and chat about his new bed.

Monday, 26 March 2012

SOL: 26.3.12

Skies are blue.
Time for swimming.  My students in Room 7 love swimming.  Today was another frantic day in class.  Swimming is a time that the students at our school get excited about.  At the beginning when the timetable arrived our syndicate were a bit annoyed because we teach the 5-6 years old and we were given the last weeks of term one for swimming.  The weather is rapidly changing was we are leaving autumn behind and winter is quickly approaching.  
Skies are blue.
The first day of our swimming and the weather is fantastic.  Our swimming time is at 11.30 which is a great time because we have time to do our shared reading and guided reading lesson.  I decided that we would have morning tea at the park which is near the pools.  I have no idea how long it takes 5 and 6 years to walk 1km to the pools.  I didn't want to be rushing and arriving at the pools on the dot or late.  
Skies are blue.
We sat in a warm spot at the park out of the wind.  The students ate their morning tea hurriedly as they were eager to get inside the swimming complex.  I decided against my class playing on the swings because I felt they needed to save their energy for swimming and the walk back to school.  Once we got inside my class got dressed into their togs and waited for their turn.  The swimming instructor came over and divided the group to 3 sections while they assessed each child.  The students were grouped according to their ability.  I walked around with the camera taking photos of my class learning and having fun.  The lesson was only for half an hour but it was quality teaching and learning time.  Most of my class got dressed quickly except for a few rather  loud boys.  The children were ready for their walk back to school.
Skies are blue.
The walk back was at a slower pace and the children were giggling and happy about their swimming lesson.  The day had warmed even more as we made our way back to school.  Today was a fabulous day and I am so glad that it was warm and the weather was perfect.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

SOL: 25.3.12

Captured Conversation:

Hubby and I are driving to my mum and sister’s for dinner. I chat away since I have hubby’s undivided attention while he drives.

Me: “I’m having so much fun with writing for SOL.”

Hubby: “Hmm.”

Me: I start reciting my poem - Smells

“Reaching over the marking table 

feeling rather unstable

I smell something bad

Please, please don’t make me sad…”

Hubby: “Hmm.”

Me: “You should write a poem about your hunting trips. Have you 
been writing in your hunting journal?”

Hubby: “Yeah…but there’s not much to write about lately.”

Me: “Oh that’s right.”

Long pause of about 5 minutes. Hubby breaks out with...

Hubby: “I went hunting at Motiti

And the wife wants me to write a ditty

But all she is doing is making shitty”

Both of us: Broke out in a fit of laughter.

Me: “Well done dear that’s funny!”

Friday, 23 March 2012

SOL: 24.3.12

Why is music important to many people?

Why is music important to many people?  Music soothes the soul, music can change the mood of people, and music crosses the language barriers.  Therefore, this is why music important to many people?

The first reason music is important to many people is because music soothes the soul.  When you are feeling low you can put your favourite music on and go to a different place in your mind.  When your baby is unsettled there is nothing like a lullaby to put them to sleep.  Therefore, this is why music important to many people because music soothes the soul.

The second reason music is important to many people is because music can change the mood of people.  When you arrive at a party and quiet music is playing in the background people are more inclined to socialise with each other.  I love attending school assemblies and singing our favourite songs, it brings us together in unity.  Therefore, this is why music is important to many people because music can change the mood of room.

The third reason music is important to many people is because music crosses the language barriers.  At our school we attend a cultural festival each year and a lot of our children do not speak our native language yet they can sing our traditional songs.  When we have children who come to school with English as their second language they can always participate in singing without pressure.  Therefore, this is why music important to many people because music crosses the language barriers.

In conclusion, this is why music important to many people?  Music soothes the soul.  Music can change the mood of people.  Music crosses the language barriers. Therefore, this is why music  is important to many people.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

SOL: 23.3.12

Shoes gives me the blues,
 makes me blow a fuse,
 is a hopping crazy kangaroo,
 is just taboo
 is unlike silky shampoo,
 is like bad news,
 is heading to Santa-Cruz,
 is now leaving for Peru,
 is really only concerned for her own reviews,
 is lighting my fuse,
Shoes is not going to stand in the queue,
Shoes is like a cow who just moos and moos,
 is allergic to schmooze,
 is forming a coup,
 is driving me to booze,
 is never willing to defuse,
 is showing no concern for what she will lose, 
 is only concerned with shooting through,
And almost everyone of these shoes
my feet feel quite bruised.
Hubby just added:
This is old news for shoes

SOL: 22.3.12

Once upon a time first featured on the 9th February.  I had watched the shorts of the first episode and I thought it would a good series to watch.  I love fairy-tales.  The sentence beginner, “Once upon a time,” has always captivated my imagination.  I loved fairy-tales as a child and my interest was sparked because I wanted to know how a modern day TV program would portray characters I loved as a child.  In the first episode it featured Snow White, The Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin.

This is the episode I liked the best so far, the first.  I thought oh-my-gosh (they're alive) and I was hooked.  The scenes flick between the present and the past. I liked seeing the familiar characters of snow white and the prince.  The pages of my favourite fairy-tales were coming to life.  The Evil queen I thought was Maleficent but she is not (I wish I kept that little golden book so I could check).  I remember reading this story to my daughter and we loved the dramatic pictures inside her little golden books.  Then the storyline flashes back to present day Once Upon a Time and we meet the grandchild, Henry, of snow white and the prince.  Henry’s birth mother, Emma, is snow white and the prince’s child.  Confused?  

I love the intricate weaving of the story-line.  Henry is special because he is the only one that understands that his favourite fairy-tale is actually a chronicle of his life.  The person who has the ability to break the spell of The Evil Queen is Emma but she is unaware of family history.  This I suppose is the key for me even though I’m an oldie I still believe in the power of the fairy-tale. Love and family will overcome evil. 

Half a slice tonight...guess why?  In 20 minutes my favouite TV show is on!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

SOL: 21.3.12

Look through a book to gather your own grammar clues. Write the title and author of the book below. Don’t forget to note the page that you found your answer on. Happy hunting! 

Book Title: Junior Assessment of Mathematics: Teacher’s Guide (JAM - Draft)


  1. A three-syllable word p.2 What is it? assessment
  2. A contraction p.14 What is it? it’s
  3. A compound word p.8 What is it? framework
  4. A word with a silent e at the end p.9 What is it? time
  5. A word with a suffix that required doubling the final consonant before adding the suffix p.9 what is it? modelling
  6. A word with a suffix that required dropping a silent e before adding the suffix p.10  What is it? using
  7. The longest word in the book p.5 What is it? multiplicative 
  8. A word that includes the letters tion p.11 What is it? addition
  9. A four-syllable word p.12 What is it? identifying
  10. A word that includes a silent letter other than e p.14 What is it? whole
  11. An adjective p.12 What is it? square
  12. A word with a prefix p.13 What is it? unable
  13. A conjunction p.9 What is it? though
  14. A sentence that includes a simile p.0 What is it? No simile
  15. Rhyming words What is it? p.2 additive and p.9 indicative
  16. Synonyms p.2 What is it? geometry and shape
  17. Antonyms What is it? p.4 partition and combine
  18. Two examples of proper exclamation point use p.0
  19. A proper noun p.footer What is it? Ministry of Education
  20. Three adverbs What is it? p.11 instantly p.5 evenly 
  21. p.7 successfully
  22. A word in italics p.14 What is it? Which strip is the longest?
  23. A number written with words p.1 What is it? eight
  24. Four different pronouns p.3 them, it, p.5 you, p.4 they

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SOL: 20.3.12


Auburn leaves blanketed the winding path.  Winter is quickly approaching.  We were forecast for heavy rain and strong winds for this week.  The rain arrived yesterday and the strong winds are here today.  But there is no more rain.

Today my students had morning tea outside on the deck.  They loved the wind swirling around them and blowing in their faces.  The wind drives some teaches crazy because they reckon the students become crazy but I didn’t mind the crazy churning winds.  Perhaps it’s the teachers that become crazy because of the bustling breeze.  When lunch time arrived we moved outside to sit on the deck but it was far too windy to stay outside.  Student’s lunch wrappers were flying out of their lunch boxes and the little mites were holding onto their food for dear life.  Some of the tough boys stayed outside and braved the gusty winds but the girls squealed back inside. 

Yesterday, I decided to still walk home even though it was raining lightly.  I loved the feeling of the rain falling all around me while I walked with my umbrella.  It was fun.  It reminded me of a time when I was a teenager and I walked through the puddles all the way home.  My sloshing shoes squeaked as I walked and I loved the feeling of soaking went socks.  It might be 25 years later but I still enjoy the feeling of the walking in the rain.  I didn’t slosh through the puddles but gosh I was tempted.

Silver skies swarm
Gentle rain drops slightly falling

Monday, 19 March 2012

SOL: 19.3.12

AM ROUTINE: 19.3.12

  • Open eyes at 6.00. 
  • Go back to sleep
  • Alarm goes off at 6.25.  
  • Roll out of bed into the shower
  • Clothes on
  • Puffer
  • Face on
  • Shoes on
  • Bag on
  • 7.30 leave for school
  • 7.35 lights and heater on
  • Check emails
  • Check diary and daily planner
  • Staple pictures on line hanger
  • Meeting at 8.00
  • 8.15 print off poetry templates
  • 8.30 back to class
  • 8.45 class time
  • 8.46 new enrolment 
  • 8.47 handwriting - put the long date
  • 8.48 fruit
  • 8.50 news time
  • 9.00 finish hand writing
  • 9.15 list writing: whole class modelling
  • 9.20 student work - teacher roving
  • 10.00 poetry writing: whole class modelling
  • 10.10 student work - teacher roving
  • 10.45 morning tea time
  • 10.50 sitting for 5 minutes children eating
  • 10.51 wet and cold...students inside play
  • 11.00 warning stupid bell (for 5 minutes,"Is that the warning bell? x 14)
  • 11.05 Bell time: class time ("Is it class time? x 14"?)
  • 11.06 shared reading
  • 11.15 Greedy cat's door 
  • -introduction: title page and pages 2 and 3
  • 11.20 apostrophes
  • 11.25 gr words and th words
  • 11.45 guided reading: group 1 (should have been group 3 as well)

  • 12.15 2 running records (level too hard for two students)
  • -task board activities
  • 12.45 lunch

Sunday, 18 March 2012

SOL: 18.3.12


Shall I buy and ipad...a new toy or a useful piece of technology? What does the ipad do?  Will it be able to cut my paper trail in half?  Will I be able to save all my planning to my ipad?  Shall I use it for school or for my personal use?  Will an ipad be a good place to save my photos?  Will I be able use it as a conferencing tool with my students?  Can I still watch my ondemand television using an ipad?  Is it true that you are unable to use microsoft-word on an ipad?  

Today I watched my grandson with one of his favourite toys.  A ball!  He loves his ball and for a nearly two-year-old he has excellent catching and kicking skills. We throw him the ball and he catches it.  He has several types of balls, soccer, basketball, rugby, rubber, plastic, soft and fabric ones.  His toy is a necessity.  
"Catch Nana catch!"
It teaches him hand eye coordination.  He loves to kick and chase his ball.  He is learning fine and gross motor skills.  He is learning to balance while chasing and kicking. Learning and entertaining himself is important for his independence.  Playing with his toy is teaching him language skills as he gives directions about where and how to catch the ball.  But most of all he is having fun.
In my head I had an idea that there was a connection between my grandson’s toy and my questioning whether I need an ipad.  I'm not sure if I buy myself an ipad whether I will actually use it for school or it will become an expensive toy.  I can see the benefit for my grandson and his toy but at this moment I can’t say the same for me.
I wanted to write something that would clarify my thoughts but I've just confused myself.  Funny!  One thing I know for sure is that I will wait before I make a decision to buy an ipad.

Friday, 16 March 2012

SOL: 17.3.12

Triggered Memories
There was slice today that made me remember the past.  Since taking on this challenge I have learnt that you can write about life without the details.  I wrote today and it was fun playing with words.  Checking for other words that suited what I wanted to write.  Even when you don't have something to write when you play with the pen it takes on new life.  I'm learning so much about myself.                         

If fear was a colour,
it would be sombre
as sombre as a bruised soul.
If fear was a taste
it would be just like putrid rage.
If fear was a feeling
it would be as bitter as a bison.
If fear was a smell
it would be as stony as a gravestone.
If fear was a sound,
it would be as silent as a crypt.

I don't understand
why was sombre so cruel
why was sombre left alone
why was sombre so brutal
But most of all
why did sombre see life as pain
why did sombre see violence as the answer
why did sombre remain so
What I understand most today is
why bitterness kills
why darkness is death
why forgiveness is the
for sombre

Thursday, 15 March 2012

SOL: 16.3.12

My new learning this week is I that I created a Drop Box to save my photographs.  I wanted to write an instructional slice about creating a drop-box but my brain is dead so I wrote a poem using an online template.  Is that cheating?  I feel like it is but, but, but...   It's the freaking weekend.  Gonna have me some fun.  

I Am 

I am Drop Box 
I wonder if using a drop-box will be safe to store my personal photographs and documents
I hear Arrrh! As I realise that all my documents and files have been lost 
I see my grandson's face school reports lost forever... 
I want a secretary or a personal assistant to come along and read the fine details and save my work for me and drop it into my drop-box
I am Drop Box

I pretend that I actually have a personal assistant who comes to school with me and does all my paper work and is an expert at using drop-box 
I feel bemused that I see all my files flying around in cyper-space and dropping all by themselves into nice neat filing cabinets 
I touch the filing cabinet handle and there they are my documents saved and in order 
I worry there are CIA agents and they rummaging through my personal files
I cry when the contents of my drop-box has been emptied
I am Drop Box

I understand technology is ever expanding and I cannot keep up 
I say no matter what happens I will attempt to keep an open mind to the changing realities of technology 
I dream of a time when a drop-box is replaced with another file saving device 
I try my best to stay up with technology but I am left behind 
I hope life would be simpler in the future but I think not 
I am Drop Box

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

SOL: 15.3.13

My Gratitude list for today:

  1. Bright shining sun
  2. Warm flowing breeze
  3. Gorgeous cowboy boots
  4. Smiling 5 year olds
  5. Honey on toast
  6. Internet connection which is fast
  7. Shopping for dessert
  8. Denim jacket
  9. Washing my make-up off at the end of the day
  10. Still walking home after two weeks 
  11. Being on time in the morning and not keeping hubby waiting
  12. Autumn is coming as the leaves change
  13. Blue sky
  14. Happy conversation in the morning with colleagues
  15. Handing in work on time
  16. Organising my relief folder 
  17. My mp3 player
  18. I'm seeing my grandson in 2 hours
  19. A happy daughter
  20. Family dinner
  21. Pavalova and cream and strawberries
  22. Text message from son
  23. Today I'm happy that it's Friday tomorrow
  24. No duty at school today
  25. I had morning release
  26. It's Thursday here and not Wednesday.  Just tried to post this but it's Wednesday in America

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SOL: 14.3.12

Reaching over the marking table
I’m feeling rather unstable
I smell something bad
Please, please don’t make me sad

Sit down and wait your turn
As the insides of my nostrils burn
Rolling my eyes who is to blame
By crikey my nerves are aflame

Wriggling in my seat
I must admit I feel well beat
Conferencing with Master Plummer
I mark his work without a stumer

Students are yelling poo what’s that smell
Stop it…we don’t have time for this hell
Sit up straight don’t make a fuss
Down the back I hear him cuss

Mrs K it was Jacob who did a fart
I catch his eye and scream depart
Please, excuse yourself if you feel the urge
Don’t make the class pay for your splurge

SOL: 13.3.12


My mother is visiting my sister and my hubby and I are going to have dinner with mum and my sister's family. I was emailing my sister and asking her what we would have for dinner and what did she want me to bring. She said shall we have a stew.  No thank you.  Hubby cooked me stew tonight.  I asked Hubby what he wanted for dinner with my family.  He said, "I want a Nanny Mary roast!"  My sister thought that this would be a great meal to have.  

For some reason my Hubby has always loved my mother's meals.  He has no idea why he loves her cooking.  He never says he loves my cooking (I’m laughing to myself). After awhile he said he loves the old people cooking. You can't beat them.  I asked him what he means but he really can’t explain.

I can remember early on when we were first dating he would often ring my family home and ask me what’s for dinner.  I’d tell him and the next minute he would be pulling up my driveway.  One day when I was at his mother’s home she aplogised for him calling me and asking me what’s for dinner.  She was quite upset.  I just laughed.   

On the menu at my sister’s house will be:
·       Roast chicken
·       Stuffing
·       Roasted potatoes
·       Roasted kumara (sweet potatoes)
·       Roasted pumpkin
·       Broccoli and carrots with cheese sauce
·       Gravy
Hubby and I are bringing the dessert and we will probably bring pavlova with strawberries and cream.

It will be great to see my mum and my sister’s family.  I love eating meals with my family because it’s a time to enjoy each other’s company while sharing a scrumptious Nanny Mary Roast.

Monday, 12 March 2012

SOL: 12.3.12

Mosaic tiles
Broken dreams sadness
Observer help

Today I took these photographs of mosaic feature walls.  I felt that they reminded me of the journey of life.   
We start out in our life with hopes and dreams.  And, whether we receive love and tender care we either succeed or fail in life.  But if sometimes takes the time and really shows that they care then potentially a life can be changed.
There are eight feature walls along the pathway at the back of my school.  I have never noticed them before but since I've been writing slices of my life each day I take more notice of my surroundings.  At a quick glance I thought they were beautiful then when I slowed down and stopped to study them in a bit more detail I noticed that they had lost their sheen and vibrancy they once had.

Maori Legend
I wondered to myself why hasn't anyone taken care of them.  Sometimes there are students who have started out life with such promise and then somewhere along the journey in life they've lost their sheen. They've lost their hope.  They've lost their dreams.  I work with some children who compared with most children in my country have lost that spark of life that they once had.  I'm reminded of slowing down in my day and not be in such a hurry.  Take the time to observe my students.  Yes, we have got a lot to do in our day but I have to take the time and look, listen and see.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

SOL: 11.3.12

The car journey with my hubby is a time to chat away to him about everything and anything.  I'm a nervous passenger in the car.  I feel every bump and every car on the road looks far too close to our car.  The journey that we took on Saturday is about 193 km and it takes about 2 hours.  I will do anything to entertain myself

I normally have a book in hand or music on my MP3.  It's a time to relax while I have my hubby's undivided attention for 2 hours.  I chat to him about my hopes and dreams my fears and thoughts.  I tell him my about my work and I even told him about how comments are what motivate writers to write.

One of my favourite things to do of late is to take photos of things that inspire me or things that I find quirky.  And, even in the car I grab for my camera and click away.

Me: "Dear, my legs look really long on the dash-board?" (I'm only 5.3 and I have very short legs)
Dear: "Hmmmm."
Me: "I should take a photo and point my toes so that my legs look really, really long."
Dear: "Hmmmm."
Me: "Do you think I'm crazy for taking a picture of my legs?"
Dear: "Yes!"

The journey continues and I chat about the weird dream  I had that night.  I ask him how he navigates the journey and how he works out how far he has driven.  He said he uses land-marks to work how far he has driven and how far he has to go.  I tell him that the landscape looks the same to me and I can't tell the difference between one tree line and another.  I use the odometre to work out how far I've travelled and how far I have to go.  My formula to work out where I am when I drive is 90km+65km+8km+30km = 193km.  

We arrive at our family's home and I'm excited to see my daughter and grandson.  I relax all day Saturday just watching rugby and sharing a delicious meal with loved ones.  

Sunday we pack the car but I need some new walking shoes.  My hubby hates shopping and he never goes to the mall.  I ask him if he could take me to the mall so that I can buy some new walking shoes and reluctantly he agrees. When we're about to leave I look at his track pants and whisper to him.  "I think you need to change your pants."  He huffs off to change.

We arrive at the mall with our daughter and grandson.  Our little moko (grandson) is glad to have his koro (grandfather)with him today.  They walk hand-in-hand as we manoeuvre through the crowd.  I'm well aware that this is a painful experience for my dear.  My adrenalin is pumping and I wish I had all day to window-shop and browse through the clothes and shoe racks.  I can't find the shoes I'm looking daughter says, "Mum get these ones, Kim K wears them for exercise."  I laugh and look at the brand.  I don't really want running shoes because it just ain't going to happen - me running.  

I notice a style of walking shoe that looks cute and practical.  I try on two different coloured pairs and I decide on the pink and grey.  I pay for my purchase and I notice moko zooming past the shop with his koko in hot pursuit.  It really is time to go.

Good-bye kisses and cuddles for my family.  The traffic is slow as we leave the city for the country side.  Sitting in the car I try on my new walking shoes and I'm excited about cutting down my carbon foot-print next week.  Hubby glances across at my shoes and says, "Nice."  I smile.

The car journey 30km+8km+65km+90km = home.