Wednesday, 21 March 2012

SOL: 21.3.12

Look through a book to gather your own grammar clues. Write the title and author of the book below. Don’t forget to note the page that you found your answer on. Happy hunting! 

Book Title: Junior Assessment of Mathematics: Teacher’s Guide (JAM - Draft)


  1. A three-syllable word p.2 What is it? assessment
  2. A contraction p.14 What is it? it’s
  3. A compound word p.8 What is it? framework
  4. A word with a silent e at the end p.9 What is it? time
  5. A word with a suffix that required doubling the final consonant before adding the suffix p.9 what is it? modelling
  6. A word with a suffix that required dropping a silent e before adding the suffix p.10  What is it? using
  7. The longest word in the book p.5 What is it? multiplicative 
  8. A word that includes the letters tion p.11 What is it? addition
  9. A four-syllable word p.12 What is it? identifying
  10. A word that includes a silent letter other than e p.14 What is it? whole
  11. An adjective p.12 What is it? square
  12. A word with a prefix p.13 What is it? unable
  13. A conjunction p.9 What is it? though
  14. A sentence that includes a simile p.0 What is it? No simile
  15. Rhyming words What is it? p.2 additive and p.9 indicative
  16. Synonyms p.2 What is it? geometry and shape
  17. Antonyms What is it? p.4 partition and combine
  18. Two examples of proper exclamation point use p.0
  19. A proper noun p.footer What is it? Ministry of Education
  20. Three adverbs What is it? p.11 instantly p.5 evenly 
  21. p.7 successfully
  22. A word in italics p.14 What is it? Which strip is the longest?
  23. A number written with words p.1 What is it? eight
  24. Four different pronouns p.3 them, it, p.5 you, p.4 they


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    1. Thanks! Not me being clever...just needed to read this boring book and I needed to write a SOL. ...two birds - one stone.