Friday, 16 March 2012

SOL: 17.3.12

Triggered Memories
There was slice today that made me remember the past.  Since taking on this challenge I have learnt that you can write about life without the details.  I wrote today and it was fun playing with words.  Checking for other words that suited what I wanted to write.  Even when you don't have something to write when you play with the pen it takes on new life.  I'm learning so much about myself.                         

If fear was a colour,
it would be sombre
as sombre as a bruised soul.
If fear was a taste
it would be just like putrid rage.
If fear was a feeling
it would be as bitter as a bison.
If fear was a smell
it would be as stony as a gravestone.
If fear was a sound,
it would be as silent as a crypt.

I don't understand
why was sombre so cruel
why was sombre left alone
why was sombre so brutal
But most of all
why did sombre see life as pain
why did sombre see violence as the answer
why did sombre remain so
What I understand most today is
why bitterness kills
why darkness is death
why forgiveness is the
for sombre


  1. All the poetic devices you have--similes, metaphors, personfication! Talk about playing with the pen--you're a great poet! Sorry I haven't read your slices before!

    1. Thanks but I have to confess that I used an online poetry template. I added my word-ingredients and clicked on create - voila!

  2. Writing can be a good way to know yourself better, and to share yourself with others. Thank you.

    1. This is what I've learnt during the SOLC is that I know myself pretty well but I tend not to share myself with others. Poetry is a great way to be honest with ones self without being and open book for others to judge.