Thursday, 8 March 2012

SOL: 8.3.12

The things I carry in my school bag:
  1. Slices of life books - students
  2. Daily diary with planning
  3. Walking shoes and clothes
  4. Asthma pumps
  5. Lipstick and mirror
  6. Camera
  7. MP3 player
  8. Cellphone
  9. Tissues
  10. Gum
  11. Lollies
  12. Lunch box - salad
  13. Chippies
  14. Coffee mug x 2
  15. Pencil case
  16. 3x up-and-go
  17. Fly spray (as soon as we open our door the bugs fly in)
I changed my original post I think I needed to vent and then I got worried that I'd open up my heart a bit too much.  My family are precious to me and I sometimes what you intend to write doesn't come over how you intended.  I admired other slices who share with such honesty and openness.  I had a turtle moment stuck my head out with this post then quickly retracted.


  1. I keep a "wish" box....on the shelf...high up in my space....I've wished for the peace of my children many times....I'm pretty sure the one above in charge always hears our hopes, wishes, and prayers - we just don't always get the answer we want when we think we should get it. I will keep your whole family in my "wish" box.

  2. Hello and thanks...I have a prayer box where I write prayers requests and I just put one in today. I have a few in there and God always answers. True not the way we think but His way is always best.

  3. "I had a turtle moment stuck my head out with this post then quickly retracted."
    I loved this line. I never thought about retreating as being a "turtle moment" but I will now. Thanks.

    1. I prefer being a dolphin swimming free without a care. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It's okay to write and not post it until you are ready. Sometimes rereading your writing and thinking later helps you to get a new perspective.
    As to your list, that's a lot of stuff to haul, and you walked home with it? What is an up-and-go?

    1. I know but a lovely slicer said that hauling those bags would give me muscles and I'm working on that this week. UpAndGo is a carton of breakfast supplement (milk smoothie with weetbix). I don't have time to have breakfast at home and when hubby drops me off I have breakfast at school.

  5. I know what you mean. Not all our ideas/slices are made for publication, so we must reconsider and hold back on some things. I think slices should be thoughtful and encouraging. As a community of writers we should try to uplift, and some topics are meant for a select few eyes even though they are heartfelt. I loved your contents idea. Makes me want to see what is really in my purse--what will it tell about me? You are a very busy lady!

    1. Thanks. Normally I write in my personal journal and it's private. I was trying save my time and writing once for my journal and once for my slice. But yes some things need to written for a select few eyes.