Tuesday, 27 March 2012

SOL: 28.3.12


I used to dread shopping when the budget was tight
But now I rather enjoy hitting the malls at night

I always wanted plenty of money to spend
But now it's just a case of when

I once sat at my sewing machine and made my clothes
But now I sit at my computer and suppose

If I could try on purchases
I would surely look quite gorgeous

I never really like to window shop
But I might well consider that this is just a flop

I can't see the point in that
But I can instead Skype and chat

I won't shop online anymore
But I might do better at dancing on the floor

I used to visit the opportunity shops
But now I live in a town where thrifting is not an op

Quick slice for me on this day as I have parent interviews


  1. So clever! Gives me a picture of what life is like where you are. My husband would much prefer I chat than shop. I have to agree, but you could do both!

    1. To be honest I do both...Chatting and Shopping.

  2. Opportunity shops . . . I have never heard them called that. Neat!

  3. I know what you mean. I had never heard of Thrifting. In New Zealand we call them Op-Shops. I used to do a lot of Op-Shopping when I was a poor teenager and poor young mum. It was fun. I miss it.