Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SOL: 20.3.12


Auburn leaves blanketed the winding path.  Winter is quickly approaching.  We were forecast for heavy rain and strong winds for this week.  The rain arrived yesterday and the strong winds are here today.  But there is no more rain.

Today my students had morning tea outside on the deck.  They loved the wind swirling around them and blowing in their faces.  The wind drives some teaches crazy because they reckon the students become crazy but I didn’t mind the crazy churning winds.  Perhaps it’s the teachers that become crazy because of the bustling breeze.  When lunch time arrived we moved outside to sit on the deck but it was far too windy to stay outside.  Student’s lunch wrappers were flying out of their lunch boxes and the little mites were holding onto their food for dear life.  Some of the tough boys stayed outside and braved the gusty winds but the girls squealed back inside. 

Yesterday, I decided to still walk home even though it was raining lightly.  I loved the feeling of the rain falling all around me while I walked with my umbrella.  It was fun.  It reminded me of a time when I was a teenager and I walked through the puddles all the way home.  My sloshing shoes squeaked as I walked and I loved the feeling of soaking went socks.  It might be 25 years later but I still enjoy the feeling of the walking in the rain.  I didn’t slosh through the puddles but gosh I was tempted.

Silver skies swarm
Gentle rain drops slightly falling


  1. It sounds like some wild weather is headed your way. I love all the active verbs you used to describe the wind. Nice poem at the end.

    1. Well my little town didn't have to worry too much the weather else was quite bad.

  2. I often forget how far apart we are from your corner of the world. We're on the first day of spring dealing with 75 degree F temperatures. Yes, some wind and light drizzles, but the wind is warm and the droplets don't have the bitter feeling they did all winter long.

    Beautiful descriptions you wrote.