Thursday, 1 March 2012

2.3.12 SOLC


I believe when you're feeling crap dwell on the things that remind you of happiness.
Last here in New Zealand it was the Rugby World Cup. My husband and I are rugby MAD!  Our country is rugby CRAZY!  
I'm sitting in my lounge watching the Super 15 a three-Nation rugby competition between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  
Last week my daughter, grandson and my niece went to a Super 15 rugby game and it was fabulous.  Rugby makes my heart beat faster and I love cheering for my favourite team.  I yell!  I scream!  And my poor children roll their eyes at me and they think I'm totally nuts.  Well I am, about rugby.  I believe that Rugby is in my blood. 
As a child my parents loved rugby.  My mum coached my brothers team.  Every Saturday here in New Zealand we spent our Saturdays watching our dad play rugby.  I grew up watching the boyfriend play rugby.  I watched the hubby play golden oldies rugby.
My son played rugby for his school and he played representative rugby.  My daughter played rugby at high school.
I can remember the parades through my home-town when our provincial team were hosting a home game.  The Mighty Magpie song playing.  
My son was a talented player who had skill and an ability to read the game.  He wasn't the biggest boy but he had a ton of guts.  From the age of five our Saturdays were spent watching and cheering him on.  
Throughout the Rugby World Cup I wore black t-shirts in support of the All Blacks.  
Rugby is my game!

Ka mate, ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!
Ka mate! ka mate! ka ora! ka ora!
Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru
Nāna nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te rā
Ā, upane! ka upane!
Ā, upane, ka upane, whiti te ra!


  1. It's cool the way these descriptions set the stage for your entire slice:
    Rugby MAD and Rugby CRAZY.
    Thanks for writing,
    BTW I sent you an email about linking. :)

    1. It is cool. I'm not a writer but I'm enjoying the challenge of participating and giving it a go. Writing to me is like a I'm stuttering along with ideas in my head and putting those ideas down on paper. I have a small understanding of how my reluctant writers feel.

      Thanks for the email.

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  3. I liked your first line about dwelling on what makes you happy. I don't know what was making you feel bad but I enjoyed the enthusiasm and joy that came through the description of the sport your family loves so much! Our family is the same way about juggling :-)

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Writing for me sometimes is a great way to vent. Jugglers we are. :-)