Thursday, 8 March 2012

SOL: 9.3,12

The laundry has to be done obviously but it's a chore I hate.

All day I was waiting for a call from a family member and they finally texted me around dinner time, GREAT!  All day I waited for news but nothing came.  An unknown number was seen on my cellphone - can you ring me?  I quickly rang the number.  It's amazing our life works.

Have you ever gone to bed and your dreams are filled with sadness and lost?  My dreams last night were filled with dread and hopelessness.  In my dream I was attending a funeral of a family member and I was screaming to myself, "Wake up - it's only a dream!"  But, I couldn't wake myself.  Morning came far too early and I was on the verge of tears.  I prepared for work quickly and tentative about my day at work.

But, when I prepare for work I go into a zone that requires I'm ready and prepared for my day no matter what is happening in my personal life.  My colleague walked past my class and I thought in a minute I will pop in and say hi and ask her how her daughters netball trials went.  We chatted about our families and talked a little bit about spelling lessons and reading.  Students are arriving and wanting to chat and I love seeing their eager faces in the morning.  I briefly greet my students and we natter about our day ahead.  I have some paper work that I need to drop off at the school office.

Our day starts with handwriting then onto the mat for news-time.  One little darling has been pushing the limits and I haven't quite got a strategy to deal with his behaviour.  He was in the mood to hold our little classroom at ransom with his disruptive behaviour.  He already has his name on the board and two Xs which meant he had to go to the Time-out class. I asked two students to escort him to Whaea S's class.  The rest of the class prepared ourselves to go to the computer room which is our usual writing time.

The class love their time in the ICT room.  We had so much fun changing the look of their avatars.  Taking 5 and 6 years old to the ICT room can be a nightmare because some of the students are great at logging on but some are constantly vying for my attention for help.  One of my more capable students was able to go around and help the other students.  Next, my class were realising that if they played, yes played the spelling and writing games they could earn money to buy items for their bedrooms.

They loved it!  Buying soft toys, animals and goodies for their room.  One boy wanted to know, "How do I make more money"?  Another boy wanted to know, "How did R make more money than me and we are playing the same game".  The students and I had a fabulous time dressing their avatars and buying items for their room.

My day was the normal routine but I prepared and sorted my homework for children so that I could hand it out on Monday.  After school I quickly tidied my classroom and walked home.  I'm enjoying my walks home because it's a time to unwind and take in the scenery and reflect about my day and family.  I greeted my fat labby as she waddles over for a peck I on her forhead.

I came inside and got myself a glass of water and a bar of chocolate, delicious!  I sent a few emails to family asking about their day and touching base with them.  Letting them know I love them.  Hubby arrives home and I can barely look him in the eye because I'm so tired and sad.  I ask him how his day was and we chat about nothing.  I'm so tired and I take myself off for a nana-nap.  I wrap myself in my favourite blanket.  After an hour sleep I wake up slightly refreshed.  I prepare our dinner and to make the table look cheerful I go outside and pick a pink rose.  I place the rose in a delicate vase and I sit down to eat my delicious meal.

My cellphone beeps!  I run quickly to see who the text is from and I'm so excited.  I ring the number and it's great news.  I chirp away to my hubby about our Saturday journey out of town because I made a date to catch up with a family member.  I spring up from the couch and tell hubby I better put my laundry on because I won't have time tomorrow to do the washing tomorrow.

Tonight doing the laundry was not a chore but a pleasure.


  1. Laundry... usually a chore for me. But I enjoy washing my little daughter's clothes. Small, cute and easy to fold!

    I think it is awesome that you are in Aotearoa and participate in Slice of Life! Hopefully my family and I will get to go down there someday; my husband lived there for seven months when he was in college. :)

  2. It's a small world. We have friends in Laie and my son attended a sports workshop for 2 weeks in Laie. My daughter attended a basketball camp in Laie as well a few ago. They both loved Hawaii!

  3. I love this line your wrote about a student. "He was in the mood to hold our little classroom at ransom with his disruptive behaviour." They sure can do that sometimes!

  4. They sure can but after he came back from time out he very pleasant.

  5. I have been there. When dreams are so real you can't shake them. It is haunting. Glad you got good news.

  6. Your walk sounds delightful. All you need to do and want to do is take in the moment and unwind, lovely!

  7. You had me in suspense through your whole piece. So glad your day ended with good news. It's funny how perspective can change how you view things, even laundry.