Friday, 2 March 2012

My home

Turtle Time

My blog name, Turtle Time was inspired by desire to write but I'm always a little afraid.  I'm the typo queen!  I suck at grammar, but I'm a great grandma.  In class one day I said to my students, right!  We are learning about grammar.  One little darling said I have a grandma lol...  The fun I have in class!
Anyway, back to, Turtle Time (I have visions of MC Hammer dancing around in his harem pants singing HAMMER TIME!  That's me but I'm in my pajamas singing, TURTLE TIME.
I needed a name for my blog so that I could start participating in the Two-Writers challenges.
I imagine myself often like a turtle quickly sticking my head out, scanning my head from side to side, "Thinking is it safe??"
Hence the name, I'm that turtle sticking my head out of its shell and not only scanning but participating.

The background of my picture is the back of on my students work books and the picture of the turtle was inspired by the artist James Rizzi.  I have ideas buzzing around in my head about an art lesson with my students.  In the James Rizzi picture his buildings were of tall sky scraper looking buildings.  In my little town our homes are one levelled homes.

The Blue #33 is my childhood home.  
#179 is the first home my hubby and I owned (our passion pit lol in our childless days).
The brown #16 is our home where we raised our children from the ages of 2-14 years (Napier).
The blue #16 is our present home (on the turtle's leg is a blue heart that's our little town).
The pink #7 is my classroom.  I love pink and I love my classroom.  


  1. I love the meaning behind your blog name! And thank you so much for stopping by, I'm sure you have made quite the impact on your grandsons life. And I'm like you, I'm horrible with spelling/grammar and I'm hoping this challenge will help me improve.

    1. Thank you, I love the name too. I really enjoy the way you write. I'm sure I will drop by again.

  2. Missy, I adore your explanation behind your blog's name. Pajamas - definitely the best. I'm so glad you are participating in SOLSC. You will gain so much as you reflect on your writing. Grammar/spelling - well, I'm still learning and I just call it "playing with words." Slice on!

    1. Hi Mary, I am gaining so much from participating in SOLC. I still suck at grammar but I'm having fun. Participating in the SOL has help me understand how I can make writing fun and exciting for my students.