Saturday, 3 May 2014

Arrrh! I accidentally deleted all my photos.

Well, where do I start my sad story.

My daughter bought me a new smart phone for Christmas. So I was very excited about all the new features available to me on my very smart phone.

I loved to take photos using my very-very smart phone. I would take photos of myself, my family, nature around me and things that inspired me.

I then noticed that my photos were being sent to my Google Plus page and I was horrified.  I tried to change the settings on my phone on Goggle Plus so my photos were not being sent to Google Plus and God knows where??

After much searching I noticed on Google Plus a deactivate button or something. I really didn't want to click that button but I was desperate to stop my photos from my phone going to places I didn't want them to go to. So...

I clicked on the DEACTIVATE button!

Arrrh! I accidentally deleted all my photos.

Not only did I loose my photos, I lost my YouTube page and I wasn't able to download stuff from my very smart phone.

I thought about starting a new blog but I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. So I will see what I can selvage from this blog.

A journey begins.

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