Saturday, 2 March 2013

SOL: 2.3.12

Writing a slice of my life...Bedtime

It's 11.35 and my Saturday is nearly over.  I've had a busy day today but hubby has had an even busier day.  I tend to chill and relax but he spent most of his day painting our deck.  He is already in bed but as usual I struggle to put myself to bed at a reasonable hour.  It's the way I've always been.  

When my children were younger, night times were my time to relax.  It was ME time.  The children are now young adults and are no longer living at home. But I still stay up too late.  Hubby goes to bed early and is up early.  During the week I go to bed late and I'm up early.  At the weekend I go to bed late and get up late.

Well, I really must go to bed but before I do here are my 2 little poems.

Poem 1: Bedtime

The old bed whispers
Enveloped friendship stirs
The call to a night of rest

Poem 2: Warm and soft

I am warm and soft
I wonder where do my dreams take me
I hear silence
I see clouds
I want rest

I am warm and soft
I pretend to count sheep

I feel sleep eludes me
I touch the furthermost stars
I worry about not being rested
I cry when rest escapes me
I am warm and soft

I understand sleep regenerates

I say peaceful rest gives strength
I dream of my homes long gone
I try to squeeze my eyelids tight
I hope my mind will be tricked into sleep
I am warm and soft

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  1. Our sleep schedules are all SO different and yet parts of the diverse people we are! I am in in bed and fall asleep early person who usually wakes up before my 4:45 alarm time! I always have been, too. One of my kids is an early riser, and always has been too!