Saturday, 16 March 2013

SOL: 16.3.13

Writing a slice of life…Giggles with my grandson

Grandson: “Nana, come outside and blow bubbles.”

Nana: “Okay, darling, I’ll just clean up the kitchen.”

Grandson: “Nana, come outside it’s cold inside.”

Nana: “Okay, I’m ready.”

Grandson: “Look Nana, they’re blue,”

Nana: “Wow, they’re so pretty.”

Grandson: “Pop them, Nana.”

Nana: “Okay, darling.”

Grandson: “Here, Nana you’re turn and I’ll pop them.”

Grandson: “They’re going higher, Nana.  There are heaps of them.”

Grandson: “Giggles-giggles.”

Grandson: “I pop them Nana.  My turn!”

Grandson: “Blow them higher Nana!”

Grandson: “I’ll get them!”

Grandson: “Giggles-giggles.”

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