Sunday, 17 March 2013

SOL: 17.3.13

Writing a slice of my life...meals shared with my favourite boys

Early this morning I woke up to my little grandson.  All he wanted was a drink of water.  I gave him a little drink, gave him a quick cuddle and put him back to bed.  An hour later my wee grandson was up for the day.  “My program, nana?” said my grandson.  T.V is switched on to, Jake and the Neverland pirates.  I put a cuddly rug over him and he happily watched his program.  Hubby was the next to get up. 

Hubby and grandson were sitting at the table drinking milo and eating toast.  “Would you like some porridge, my darling?”  I asked.  “Yes, please nana.”  I busied myself in the kitchen making porridge.  I placed three bowls on the bench.  One for grandson, one for hubby and one for me. 

It was glorious to be able to sit at the table with my precious hubby and our wee grandson.  On my porridge I had brown sugar and cream.  Hubby had white sugar and milk.  Grandson had raspberry jam mixed in with his porridge.  Our porridge was delicious!
My son was back for the weekend and I was also looking forward to cooking his breakfast as well.  “Good morning, boy!” I greeted him as he came into the lounge.  “Morning mum,” he replied.  “Would you like bacon and eggs for breakfast?”  “Yes please,” he answered.  I hustled myself into the kitchen.

Sizzling bacon is frying in the pan.  Home grown sliced tomatoes are readied to be sautéed.    Eggs are popped into the pan.  I leave our breakfast to cook-off and set the table.  “Breakfast is ready!”  I sing to my 3 favourite boys.  I pour juice for them and make myself a cup of raspberry-green tea.  Not a sound is heard.  My heart is warmed as we sit down to eat our breakfast. 

Shared breakfast this Sunday morning was a blessing.


  1. Perfect: breakfast with your generations!

  2. Yes - it sounds like the perfect start to the day - a morning filled with happiness and the taste of favorite foods.