Saturday, 9 March 2013

SOL: 9.3.13

Writing a slice of my life...Saturday

Hubby and I packed a car and were on of our mini road trips.  Well, actually, we only travelling to see our 2 adult children and grandson.  I enjoy this time of being able to take off when we feel like it.  Saturday mornings he is always up early and I enjoy a little sleep in.  I have time to chat to a few of my facebook friends and play one of my favourite games.  I love this game for it's social aspect and you get to decorate homes you buy and buy clothes.  Hubby used to think I was crazy but I think he understands it's my time out to relax and unwind from a busy week.

When I was a kid I had penpals that I wrote to and now  I have penpals but we get to meet up with each other in our virtual homes.  We pray with each other and chat about our lives.  It's a virtual world but I have met the most wonderful friends.  I've never met this bunch of gals before in real life but I feel so close to them.

Meanwhile, hubby is waiting for me to get ready so we can get going.  I quickly message my friend to say I have to go.

Today as we are driving along I notice our barren country and the government has announced that we are in a drought zone.  Our country side is normally lush and green but it is a mass of burnt yellow.  Normally, I chat away to hubby about everything under the sun.  Today I'm content.  Work is good.  Kids are good.  Hubby must be relieved because I normally chat for two hours while I have a captivated audience.

(Writing this weekend has been put on the back burner while I've chatted to my son about his relationship and listened to my daughter about her night out.  I wanted to write more about my journey with hubby).


  1. I am a fellow road trip lover! Have a safe trip!

  2. I hope you get to write some more later. I find that sometimes my writing takes a time out to the world around me, but if I can at least start a post, I can come back and carry on when life around me gives me a moment. Hopefully you had an enjoyable, safe road trip this weekend!