Sunday, 10 March 2013

SOL: 10.3.13

Writing a slice of my life...I believe in you

I believe in you
I believe when someone lets you down, not to hold the hurt 
I wonder why she sees the negative instead of the positive 
I hear words of condemnation and negativity 
I see that doom and gloom descends like a darkening cloud 
I want her to see the power of speaking positively 
I believe God has a plan and purpose for her life

I pretend to see things in a positive light, it enlightens my soul 
I feel like when I see the positive the negative dispels 
I attempt to search for goodness in all things  
I worry when she focuses on all that she perceives as being wrong she looses sight of the good 
I cry inwardly 
I believe that your life will be blessed
I understand she has a heart of gold 
I say to her heart, I believe in you 
I dream of seeing her happy and content with life 
I try to hold my tongue but sometimes I just can't help myself 
I hope that one day her hopes and dreams will be fulfilled 
I believe in you