Monday, 11 March 2013

SOL: 11.3.13

BEWARE! No editing done here.  I'll be back later to fix it up.  I was just trying to make the cut.

Writing a slice of my life...A place I love

My favourite place is my classroom...

My class starting swimming today! Togs ready, check! Shoes on, check!  Children have eaten morning tea, check!  We're away!

I have a class of 23 five and six year old children.  They can be a mission to get ready but today they were managing to get themselves sorted and ready.  We arrived at the pool and only a handful of students had still not got dressed at school.  I sent the handful away to put their togs on and the rest of us waited.

My favourite place is the Turtle pools...

Our swimming program is run by our aquatic centre and I just love the head instructor.  She is kind and really knows her stuff.  We have to wait a little while longer for the other class to leave the pool.  I line my children up and they are bubbling with excitement.  We take a seat on the benches and wait for our instructions from the swimming coaches.  My class are assessed in groups of 4 and I watch as each student is told to make a star fish, streamline, float on your back and float on your back and kicking to the other end of the pool.

The coach mentions that some of my children have regressed and she wonders how much swimming they did during the summer holidays.  I thought to myself we've had such a fabulous summer the children were probably swimming a lot but obviously they hadn't been practicing their swimming skills.

Writing can be like this I suppose.  I suppose writing is like this because if I don't keep practicing the skill of writing then I loose it.  I feel like I have lost a lot of writing skills because I hardly wrote to this blog.  I loved the March 2012 SOLC but I'm really struggling this year.

My favourite place is my home...

After, my fantastic day at school I came home and felt awful.  I put myself to bed for an afternoon nap.  I must have been in bed for about 5 minutes and I felt so cold.  It's 25 degrees, outside but I'm freezing.  I get out of my bed and head for our spare bedroom where the sun streams in.  I lie there and the warmth of the suns rays warms my aching body.  I get under the duvet to try and warm myself.  It takes an age to get warm.  Hubby brings me water and cold/flu tablets.  I said to him, "I feel terrible and I can't see that I'll be able to be at school tomorrow.  Can you please ring school and let them know so that they can find a reliever."  He does so.  I'm lying in my spare bed wondering about my children and their swimming lesson tomorrow.  I hope the reliever can get them ready on time.  I hope the reliever remembers to give them morning tea.  I hope the reliever remembers to remind the children about going to the toilet.  My mine is frantic because I really don't want to be sick in bed.

My favourite place is my bed...

I've been in bed about an hour and now I'm sweating.  My body is over heating.  I'm resign to the fact that I will be missing a day of the SOLC.  I know I've been struggling this year but to miss one day.  I may as well give up the challenge.  The fever is broken but my body is aching all over.  But, even though I'm sick I got out my laptop and lying in bed I've manage to write a post.  I just can't believe it.  Just to get something written down.

Will I be able to make the post in time before the 11th closes.

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  1. Love the comparison between writing and swimming skills! So true! I admire your dedication to blog even when you feel so sick! Feel better soon.