Monday, 18 March 2013

SOL: 18.3.13

Writing a slice of my life…hair

My hairstyles over the years have changed and today I wear a shorter hairstyle than I did in my younger days.  My mother always said that your hair is your crowning glory.  When I was a teenager I use to love getting a spiral perm.  It was the in thing at the time.  When I became a mum I had long hair but I stopped perming it and went for the pulled back pony tail look.  When my children left home I cut all my hair off and went for the short bob look.  Today I still have the short bob look but it’s more shoulder length as I haven’t cut my hair for awhile. 

This poem is inspired by 15 lines talking to me today about hair.  I went to the first 15 websites and chose 15 sentences that spoke to me about hair and made a poem.  (S.Creech)

There's no excuse for a bad hair day!
Your dream look lies within…
The right shade can brighten your skin and emphasise your eyes.
Beauty inspired by nature.
Sexy Hair - Sexy Rocks...
Choosing a new look...use a virtual hair style program.
Medium length hairstyles are by far the most popular and versatile, and they are well suited to professionals, as well as a night on the town.
Find the haircut that will make your features pop.
Your hair is a fairly accurate barometer of you health.
Stress, smoking, and bad eating habits can make your hair dull and prone to breakage.
Hair is such and individual thing.
Looking good requires keeping up with the latest trends.
A really good haircut is truly a fine skill.
We love the ability to change our look at the drop of a dime if we wish.

The woman has olive skin, brown eyes and shoulder length hair.
She has a round face and high cheekbones.
Her trousers are dark and her dark shirt is spattered with blue sparkles.
Her introverted figure conceals a liveliness within.


  1. Great idea! Love the concept! You've inspired a new type of poetry! I love your poem. Thanks for sharing this concept.

    I too used to get spiral perms. I have a swing bob right now, but I think it's too long for me. I am going to get it cut over spring break.

    1. I noticed you mention (s.creech) is this the resource you used to create this type of poem?

      More on this please!

  2. Wonderful idea for poem! I will have to try it soon...maybe with assessment as my topic. Wonder what that poem would look/sound like>