Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday: SOL 3.4.12

Brenda: Punk Rocker

I once knew a girl who was different from me
She was a punk rocker
And I was just me
She wasn’t a mocker

Which I thought was cool
We started at school halfway through the year
Some of the other students could be rather cruel
But in an odd way we were brought together because of fear

She wasn’t my friend
I wasn’t hers either
We existed as a means to an end
But today I remember her and I couldn’t be pleaser


  1. Hmmm...it's interesting how these memories can surface and help us appreciate relationships or experiences in our past. I wonder what you would say to her if you could see her now?

  2. I know...it's as we reflect that we think past memories. I'm not sure what I would say. I remember seeing her at high school but I never ever associated with her. We were in the same art class and she was quite talented. Maybe I could ask her did she continue to pursue her art work at university.