Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tuesday: SOL 10.4.12

It's school holidays here in and I'm looking after my grandson.  I've forgotten what it's like to look after a little toddler.  It's all about routine and time management.

Hubby and I travelled through to pick our precious cargo up on Saturday.  Sometimes I wish I was a painter so that I could capture the precious moments:
  • All during Saturday he kept saying to hubby and I, "I'm toming coming!"  
  • He wouldn't let hubby and I out of his sight,  "I'm coming!"
  • Sunday morning arrived and he was following hubby all over the house,  "I'm coming!"
  • We were leaving at 10.20 am and he grabbed hubby and I by the hand,  "I'm coming!"
  • His mum says, "Is mummy coming?"  
  • Grandson replies, "No!  I'm coming!"
  • Early Monday morning he woke up and was crying, "Mummy, mummy, mummy."
  • Little sweet heart...that morning rang his mummy.
  • I've been making paper beads and he says, "Look Nana?  Aw tool cool Nana!"  (Huge genuine smile on  his face).  So cute!
  • The last few nights I've been lying in bed with him for about an hour.  I love cuddling and patting his little back so he can go off to dreamland without missing his mummy too much.
Well, this Nana needs an early night.  Hubby has gone hunting and I need a good night sleep.

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