Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Slice of Life

Slice of Life
Hi!  My name is Christina.  I am a primary school teacher of year 2 students (5 - 6 years old).  I decided to take up this challenge because as a teacher I expect my students to be writers yet I consider myself a doodler, not a writer.  Writing doesn't come to me easy and I quite often have loads of typos.  I feel that if I challenge myself to write then I might be able to inspire my students to write.

I've quickly created a blog which at this stage looks rather boring.  I worry about writing online and sharing but I'm just going to take a chance and do it!  I have a class blog which I've added to this blog.  I consider this challenge as part of my self-reflection and learning from other teachers.  

A little bit about me...  I am a Kiwi (New Zealand).  I am married.  I have 2 adult children and a gorgeous grandson.  My life is my family and teaching.  I love sweet cupcakes.  I love the Silver Ferns.  I love the All Blacks.

Today, I was like any other day.  I love teaching.  By the time the bell went for the beginning of class it was pouring with rain.  We have been at school for 3 weeks and 2 days.  The students are settling into our school routine.  I spent the first week discussing class and school rules.  Name tags made for the children's little tables.  Library corner created (I could do a better job to create a more cosy place to read).  My students are 5-6 years old and the day is quite long for these little people.  Modelling books sorted for Reading, Writing and Maths.  Our topic for this term is Water.  Writing is Recounts.  Art is sketching.  Maths is Number and Algebra for 4 days and 1 day of Measurement and Statistics.  

I bought cheap rolls of wrapping paper to cover my students working tables and a old teachers desk and a another teacher table.  The colour of the paper is lime green such a fun colour and it adds a little bit of colour and freshness.  It's about time that I made or bought some new comfy cushions for my library corner.  Space in my class is limited and I don't seem to be able to give or throw away old furniture.  I live in a tiny town and the closest city is 2 hours away and sourcing materials and knic knacs is tricky.

This year group of children is fairly new for me and today I was informed that I would have to start testing my students on what they call here in New Zealand 6-year net.  This will be a challenge only because it's new and it entails doing 3 running records.  

Turtle time nearly over and time to have a hot cup of tea and one of those sweet cupcakes.

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