Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Slice of life

What a day!
New learning:  New learning today is that with 5 and 6 years old I need to give them 2 or 3 instructions before they can do as I ask.  
1.  Get your library book
2. Put your shoes on
3. Line up at the door
We arrive at the library and stop at the blue line outside the library to remind the class about the procedures in the library.  The librarian is away.  Mrs K runs around behind the desk and puts on her librarian hat.  Before running around I place a blue seat on one side of the library desk and I ask the children to line up behind the seat.  I call each child over check their book back and I show them the orange dot on the spine of the book with the authors letter first 3 letters indicating where the book needs to be put back on the shelf. Books all checked back in.  The children are given 15 minutes to look for a book.  Back to the mat when they have their chosen book.  I put 2 blue seats in front of the librarian desk.  The first seat is for the issuing line and the second blue seat is for the issued books.  
Done!  All books are issued and it's back to class.  Children walk out in a single line we stop along the way to wait for the stragglers.  Reading our library book time and eating a piece of fruit.

A slice of 40 minutes in my day.

I love getting dressed up for my teaching day.  There is no dress code at our school but I like to go to the effort of dressing well for my students.

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