Monday, 21 January 2013

Tuesday 22 January 2013


Well, her I am finding another reason not to get some unfinished work finished.  I suffer from procrastination!  I found every reason and activity to do except for the job that needs to be done.  I've prayed because I really do need some divine intervention to get this work done and completed.  I've found pinterest, and oh my goodness, I just love it!  I scroll through all these fabulous ideas and it inspires me to create and craft.  So far, I've refashioned a skirt and made myself the cutest apron.  I've refashioned an old baby doll dress and added a singlet shirt to the top and made myself a sweet new dress.  I've recovered a box with fabric, such a wonderful idea and cost saving (I see myself later recovering old boxes with fabric). I've moved furniture around to make room for a new sewing area in my lounge.  I've found a use for my son's protein container, I soaked the container to remove the sticker and now the beautiful container holds my felt tips.  I've had a nap.  I cooked fried rice and venison for lunch.

And, now I sit here writing in my neglected blog... I really need help.  I posted, 'Just Do It' notes around my working area and yet, I still have not completed my work.

Time to log off.

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